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Nine Ways to Have the Best Bathroom Design

You don’t need to professional designers or architects to come up with the best bathroom designs. Here are things to do to create the best space:

  1. Make proper preparation: You need to be fully prepared for the next project. You should have a good idea about the style that you love most. Look for example of bathroom designs in magazines and professionally-made interior design websites.
  2. Visualize your perfect bathroom: After you have some prospective reference images and designs, it should be much easier to visualize your bathroom design. Through vivid visualization, it will be easier for you to communicate with contractors and workers in greater details, even if you don’t use the right lingo in construction.
  3. Define preferences: People have different preferences for their bathroom. It is the place where family members spend time regularly each day. If family members prefer to have relaxing shower, then you should allocate a comfortable area for having a shower.
  4. Make your life easier: Make sure that the new design will make things easier for you. Choose materials that you can clean up easily. Use translucent shower screen, because water marks will be less visible. For floors and walls, use larger ceramic tiles or stone blocks, with tight joints. Minimize grout, so your bathroom is easier to clean.
  5. Add some amount of luxury: Elements of luxury don’t have to be expensive. You can add warmth and ambience with heated tower rails or underfloor heating. During the winter, some spots of your bathroom can get very cold. You may use timer to automatically warm up the bathroom 30 minutes before you wake up.
  6. Choose good tapware: If you want to have a good bathroom, make sure that you invest in proper tapware. You don’t have to purchase imported, high quality European tapware, which ensure longevity and functionality. Good tapware could add value to your bathroom. There are different color options available, such as rose gold, brass, gold and black. With good designs, you may add some pizzazz to your bathroom design. When choosing a tapware, make sure that it will match with accessories and overall designs of your bathroom.
  7. Prioritize function above style: It doesn’t mean that style isn’t important. In fact, you should also put style high in the priority list. However, in some situations, you need to choose between functionality and style. Making a balancing act can be quite tricky and sometimes, you just need to choose. Always begin with functionality, so anything you add will serve your goals better. As an example, you may need to put enough storage area. Choose products the best suit any area in your bathroom. By focusing on functionality, you can the job done quickly with convenience.
  8. Keep your cost down: There are low cost materials that you can choose for your bathroom. As an example, high pressure laminates and melamine already come a long way. You can use veneer-look prefinished materials for bench tops and doors. It’s possible to create a luxurious feel on a budget.
  9. Design lighting: Well designed lighting could add ambience and layer of luxury to your bathroom. Diffused lights from decorative pieces may add texture and softness to your bathroom environment. You can be more creative with lighting elements. As an example, crystal chandelier or antique metal pendant light could add contemporary statement to your bathroom. However, you need to scale down any lighting piece. An elaborate chandelier would be more appropriate in dining room, instead of your bathroom. Add a dimmer switch, so you can relax while bathing in the soft glow. Natural lights could also be incorporated into your bathroom to save energy costs and improve comfort.