March 30, 2020 By admin 0

Eight Ways to Significantly Improve Your Basement

People are improving basement for a few different reasons, such as adding more usable space. Newly-renovated basement could add new space for new bar, wine cellar and game room. Before tackling such a project, we should consider multiple ways to significantly improve your basement:

  1. Add inviting elements: It’s more difficult to draw people to our basement, especially because it is often humid and lack any source of natural light. We should compensate by using proper arrangement of light and improving the overall coziness. We could create a good atmosphere by adding large flat screen TV and fireplaces.
  2. Dig deeper: If we want to add space, we may need to dig out our basement deeper. However, this can be an expensive endeavor, especially if structural changes to our house are also needed.
  3. Expose ceiling joists: Digging out the basement could require us to spend at least $50,000. However, we could still create an illusion of higher ceiling. We may expose the joists and paint them. It means that we need to remove the ceiling drywall. Lighting system will also need to be changed for this kind of improvement.
  4. 4. Use pot lights: In many basements, ceiling height is an issue. Recessed downlights or pot lights can be a good option if we want to have more uniform lighting without lowering the sightline.
  5. Incorporate ducts in the design: Hiding ducts in the basement can be tricky and we may end up losing much space. The more sensible method is to incorporate them in our design. Obviously, ducts should be made visually appealing and we may need to invest in good ducts.
  6. Add storage areas: People often hide their things in the basement. If we do this, we should plan ahead and prepare an adequate storage facility. A good storage facility prevents our stuff from taking over the basement.
  7. Improve the waterproofing solutions: Basement is located under the surface and it’s a natural place for water and moisture to accumulate. Good waterproofing allows our basement to remain dry and not damp. Before starting the renovation, we should evaluate the waterproofing solutions and we should consider whether it’s necessary to improve it. If we plan to add bathroom in the basement, we should add excellent and durable drainage system. Moisture from the bathroom should be immediately extracted using the exhaust fan.
  8. Add walk-outs: We may make our basement to feel as if it isn’t a basement by adding walk-out. Having sliding doors and full-size windows will increase natural light. We could use the basement space like the rest of our house.